About Me

Emily Wassell

I’m a watercolour artist and educator based in the UK. I fell in the love with the magic of watercolours a few years ago, and was instantly hooked! I bought a student kit and some cheap paper and painted every single day, sometimes losing hours at a time to the process.

Watercolour is a fascinating challenge for someone who can be a bit of a control-freak! You have to learn to let go and let the water do its thing. I became fascinated by watching the pigments move, blend and bleed into each other, creating magical effects.

I loved the process so much, I wanted to learn everything about this medium. And soon I began to put together tutorials to share what I’d learned and help others discover this magic.

Now I’m working on tutorials as well as launching a business and building a licensing portfolio.

I’ll be posting weekly tutorials, as well as monthly creative challenges to try new things, be curious and discover what new effects we can create with watercolour.


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