About Me

Emily Wassell

Hi and welcome! I’m a watercolour artist and educator based in the UK. I fell in the love with the magic of watercolours a few years ago, and was instantly hooked! I bought a student kit and some cheap paper and painted every single day, sometimes losing hours at a time to the process.

Watercolour is a fascinating challenge for someone who can be a bit of a control-freak! You have to learn to let go and let the water do its thing. I became hooked watching the pigments move, blend and bleed into each other, creating magical effects.

I loved the process so much, I wanted to learn everything about this medium. And soon I began to put together tutorials to share what I’d learned and help others discover this magic.

Now I’m working on building this website as well as launching a business and building a licensing portfolio.

I’ll be posting weekly tutorials and sharing everything I’ve learned along the way, to help you discover the magic we can create with watercolour.

emily wassell watercolour artist
emily wassell watercolour artist

My art journey

I’ve always loved art, but I only started painting watercolours a few years ago. In fact, I hadn’t painted since school, and I never thought I was any good at it.

I was working in a corporate job for a digital marketing agency, and while it’s super fun and exciting and has a slightly frantic pace, I felt like something was missing.

Read more about how I started painting.

5 things you should know about me

I live in Stratford upon Avon, UK

It's the home of William Shakespeare. It’s a beautiful village and I love to walk along the river to unwind after a long day. I have a tour in my Insta highlights if you’d like to be shown around!

My day job is digital marketing

It’s a vibrant agency that's very fun and never boring, but it does mean I spend most of the day looking at a screen. I started painting to give myself something to do on evenings that used my hands.

I love bright, fun colours

My friends and family would have found that hard to believe! I used to only wear black, navy or grey clothes but painting helped me discover a love of colour. Now my home, wardrobe and life is full of colour and joy.

My other love is cooking

I adore experimenting with flavours from around the world. I’m always trying new recipes to mix things up, and there’s almost nothing I won’t eat! Current favourites include Laksa curry and Pad Thai.

I studied modern languages at university

I speak French and Spanish. I don’t get as many opportunities as I’d like to actually use those skills, but my family lives out in France now and I love spending time relaxing out in the gorgeous French countryside.

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Download my free watercolour supply guide

Feeling overwhelmed and confused by watercolour paints, papers and brushes? Download my free guide filled with insider info, including a list of good supplies for every budget, and my complete supply list!