Online Art Classes – Paint watercolour with me

Want to learn a new painting technique? Try one of my free online art classes to learn loads of new techniques with watercolour and really up your game!

I have free watercolour classes on YouTube, as well as several classes on Skillshare – find my free access links below, exclusive to my website!

60 Minute Watercolour Masterclass For Beginners – YouTube


My latest free YouTube class is a full watercolour masterclass for beginners, and I’m so excited to share it with you!

This class covers everything you need to know to get started with watercolour and make quick progress!

Plus there are three projects at the end so you can practise everything you’ve learned. And the whole thing takes just over an hour!

Watercolour Fruits Masterclass – Paint 9 Juicy Fruits & Scatter Pattern Compositions – Skillshare

Paint delicious summer fruits, from apples and oranges to cherries, berries and lemons with this Skillshare class. We’ll paint 9 individual fruits, both whole and in halves or slices, and then build them together into a full page composition in rich, vibrant colours.

Loose Floral Watercolour – 6 Easy Brushstrokes to Paint Any Flower – Skillshare

If you want to paint expressive loose florals in watercolour, but can’t seem to stay loose or get the results you want, this loose florals Skillshare class is for you! It’s more than just a class on how to paint specific flowers – I will teach you how to master the brushstrokes for loose florals so you can paint any flower you like.

You’ll learn tips and tricks to create simple petal and leaf shapes, and put them into action with a dozen different flower types. This class covers 6 brushstrokes, 12 flowers and leaves, plus how to put the elements together in a loose floral composition. Plus there’s a bonus video on my top tips for painting loose florals with ease.

Get 2 FREE weeks of Skillshare access!

Want to try out Skillshare? Use my referral link to get your first 14 days for free, when you sign up! You can take any of the classes on the platform – there are hundreds available on any kind of watercolour topic or technique.

You simply need to click on the link below, make an account and start watching your first class! You have two months to try out the platform – if you don’t like it, you can cancel at any time during your trial period and you won’t be charged.

Watercolour Leaves Masterclass – Online Course to Paint Leaves Like a Pro – Skillshare


Paint loose leaf compositions with this beginner-friendly masterclass! Hosted on Skillshare, this online watercolour class is perfect for anyone who wants to paint leaves and botanicals like a pro.

Designed to accompany my class on loose florals, this will teach you brushstrokes to create the leaf shapes, and then wet on wet, and wet on dry, effects to add interest and detail. We’ll put all of this into action with two final pieces – a scatter pattern and a leafy wreath.

Christmas botanicals class – paint festive holly, ivy, fir and poinsettia for your own Christmas cards!

emily wassell art skillshare christmas wreath watercolor class

If you want to get into the holiday spirit and paint a festive wreath in watercolour, this Skillshare class is for you! Learn to paint iconic Christmas botanicals including holly and ivy, and put it all together in a lush wreath design.

We’ll start with a look at colour mixing theory and exercises to create rich greens, and then paint all the Christmas botanical elements individually.

Finally, we’ll combine the elements into a full piece – a stylish festive watecolour wreath in reds and greens with blue-green accents. 

7 day loose floral challenge – Free YouTube watercolour class

7 day floral challenge watercolor day 1 daisies

The 7 Day Loose Floral Challenge class is hosted on YouTube to help you improve your loose-style floral painting.

We’ll start on day 1 with some of the basics and then build on that each day to more advanced and complex techniques, covering 7 flowers in increasing difficulty.

Take class in your own time and by the end, you should be proficient in painting beautiful flowers!

Want to know what I use to paint with? Download my free watercolour supply guide

Feeling overwhelmed and confused by watercolour paints, papers and brushes? Download my free and my complete supply list!