Etchr loose floral composition class

Loose floral composition in watercolour – a workshop from Etchr and Emily Wassell!

I’m offering my first ever online watercolour class as a workshop format! I’ll be teaching at Etchr Studios for a workshop on loose floral composition, which is the most common request for a class that I get, and I’m so excited to share it with you.

The workshop is Thursday July 15th at 3pm EDT (New York) / 8pm BST (London) / 9pm CET (Paris)

It’s live but you can also get the recording to watch back as many times as you like.

emily wassell etchr mini workshop loose floral watercolor

What’s included in this class

I’ll be teaching loose floral composition so you can create beautiful bouquets and floral patterns! We’ll be learning my three favourite flowers individually:

  • Roses
  • Five-petal flowers
  • Filler flowers

I’ll show you my process, stroke-by-stroke, to create these individually, and then we’ll put them all together in a full page composition. 

We’ll be talking about placement of the elements, with focal and supporting flowers, and then filler flowers and leaves for balance and harmony. I’ll talk you through how I plan out compositions, and how I adjust as I’m painting to get all the elements in the right place.

The whole workshop is live and interactive, so you can ask any questions of me or the host, and all in 90 minutes!

It normally costs $6, but I’ve got free access for you with an exclusive discount code! Head to Etchr Studios website and enter the code below to make it totally free!


P.S. if you missed the class, you can still buy the recording and watch it, exclusively via Etchr’s website!

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