Watercolour leaves masterclass

Watercolour Leaves Masterclass: How to paint loose leaf compositions

If you want to paint expressive leaves in watercolour, but can’t seem to stay loose or get the look you want, this is the class for you. This beginner-friendly masterclass is perfect for anyone who wants to paint leaves and botanicals like a pro.

This is more than an online watercolour class on how to paint specific leaf types – I’ll teach you the brushstrokes and watercolour techniques you need to paint any style of leaf, from simple shapes to long leaves, curved branches and stems, and rough textured leaves.


What is in this watercolour class?

You’ll learn tips and tricks to create simple and complex leaf shapes and add creative effects in watercolour to bring life and details to your work.

For the final projects, we’ll cover tricks to mastering composition for two beautiful botanical pieces.

In this class you will learn:

  1. How to mix greens for different effects
  2. Watercolour brush drills to master control over your strokes
  3. Simple single-stroke leaves
  4. Long stroke leaves
  5. Split stroke leaves
  6. Rough zig-zag leaves
  7. Wet on dry effects to add details
  8. Wet on wet effects for creative watercolour techniques
  9. Stem and branch composition

The final projects

There are two final projects to create beautiful lush green pieces, perfect for displaying on your wall. The projects will bring together all the elements you’ve learned to create:

  • A layered scatter pattern
  • A lush leafy wreath

Paint along with me in real time as I talk you through my process for creating botanical compositions and tips for layering your leaves. Whether you’re a watercolour beginner or you just want to learn a loose style for leaves, especially if you love painting florals, this class will teach you the foundations to paint any leaf you like.

Plus there’s an exclusive bonus lesson on painting my signature wiggly leaves to create a stylised, elegant stem.

Class reviews from other students

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