Want to build your own creative practice and turn your art hobby into a business? It’s a common question that artists ask themselves – can I make this a business? As you get more advanced, it’s normal to start thinking about how to make money with your work. These guides on growing a creative practice will help you find your own style and grow a regular creative practice that you can rely on.

What is a creative practice?

When artists, illustrators and other creatives use this phrase, they simply mean creating work regularly and consistently. That doesn’t mean that they’re making art every day, but that they have a consistent output.

It can also mean making art with a purpose, whether that’s developing a collection or building a portfolio. And it can also be used to describe a creative business where somebody is making money from their art.

Finally, a creative practice doesn’t have to be your full-time job! I create all my art, and everything on this website, around my day job. It’s about consistency and direction.

This section of the website will cover:

  • My own art journey and where I find inspiration
  • My tips on building a creative practice
  • Advice for other creatives wanting to get serious about their work

How do you know if you’re ready?

Well, I think you’re probably ready if you’re asking this question! Starting anything new is always daunting – don’t let imposter syndrome hold you back. I didn’t feel like an artist and sometimes still don’t, but I carry on creating and working towards my goals anyway.

Remember, you’ll need to be doing something consistently before it feels comfortable, so feeling ready will come after you start doing it, not before! Let’s do this together.

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