Watercolour supplies

Get started with watercolour painting with the right supplies! Choosing your paint, paper and brushes can seem overwhelming, especially when you walk into an art store and you’re greeted with walls of options. 

I mean, how is anyone supposed to know what watercolour supplies to buy? How can you tell what is good and worth the money?

Watercolour supplies are expensive too, which means that mistakes can be costly. I’ve wasted a lot of time and money buying the wrong supplies, but you don’t need to! Below you’ll find everything I know about watercolour paint, paper and brushes, so you can get it right the first time.


Download my free watercolour supply guide

Feeling overwhelmed and confused by watercolour paints, papers and brushes? Download my free guide filled with insider info, including a list of good supplies for every budget, and my complete supply list!