Tutorial: How to paint pears in watercolour

Crisp, crunchy pears are super fun to paint! I love to paint them all laid out across the page. 

This quick watercolour tutorial is perfect for beginners – grab your supplies and let’s get going!

tutorial step by step how to paint pears in watercolour

What you will need


  • Lemon Yellow Deep
  • Scarlet Lake
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Cadmium Yellow
  • Sap Green

All the paints I use are from Winsor and Newton, but you don’t need these exact colours.

Painting watercolour pears – step by step

  1. Using your orange or brown colours, outline your shape. It should have a rounded top and a wider bottom.
  2. Fill in with a light yellow and red mix, in a watery wash
  3. While still wet, start adding patches of other colours. I’ve added drops of yellow throughout, and a deeper red colour in the gaps.
  4. Then add a brown colour along the left side and base to create a shadow area.
  5. Don’t blend! Let the colours bleed and move naturally for the best effect. Smooth any hard edges as it dries.
  6. Finish painting your pears by adding a curved stem and light green leaf at the top.

This watercolour technique is a really easy one to paint all kinds of fruits, including apples!

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