Tutorial: How to paint raspberries in watercolour

Raspberries look fiddly and detailed, incompatible with a loose style of watercolour painting, right? But I’ve found a technique that lets you create delicious-looking berries without faffy details.

In this easy watercolour tutorial, I’ll show you my secrets to creating juicy looking raspberries in just a couple of minutes so you can fill up whole sketchbook pages with them!

tutorial how to paint raspberries in watercolor

What you will need


  • Winsor Red Deep

All this comes from one colour – we’ll be focusing on value (lightness and darkness) by mixing in more or less water. Choose whatever red you have in your palette.

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All the watercolour paint I use is Winsor & Newton Professional. 

How to paint raspberries in watercolour – step by step

  1. First make your paint mixes. For this, I’d recommend creating a very light paint using lots of water, and a darker mix using less water. Use a brush with a pointed tip or a smaller brush size.
  2. Start your raspberry by making little circles in your darker red paint. Make sure they’re touching for the effect to work.
  3. Using a lighter mix, make some more circles around the edges. Make sure that everything’s touching so it can blend together. Fill in some circles as you go and keep changing the size of the circles, so some are bigger and others are smaller.
  4. Continue building outwards, aiming towards a loose triangle shape with a rounded base. You can use half circle shapes around the edges to create the impression that some parts are hiding behind the others.
  5. Finish by dropping in any darker red paint where you think it needs it and allowing it to blend out.
  6. Keep painting more raspberries! try changing the size and angles to make it look like raspberries spread out on your paper.

Now you can paint delicious raspberries with no drama! Wasn’t that easy?

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